Estudos de Iconografia Cristã

Bishop Carlos A. Moreira Azevedo, delegate of the Pontifical Council for Culture delegate, contributes to the Christian Iconography Studies with a set of sixteen essays on iconographic themes such as the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity or Eucharist, and the saints of great devotion such as St Paul, St Sebastian, St Anthony, St Vincent, St. John of God and St Theotonius. There are also pieces on the wedding feast of Cana, the religious environment, and the Augustinian saints. He makes known iconographic sources as the "Bible Pauperum" or the contemporary cycle in interpretation of the artist Paula Rego, present in the Chapel of the Palace of Belém.

1. Trinity Iconography in Portuguese art
2. Iconography of the Holy Spirit in the municipality of Alenquer
3. Iconography of the Immaculate: new interpretations
4. Theology and iconology of the Nativity
5. The Eucharistic typology in the Old Testament iconography
6. Wedding at Cana: the symbolic versatility of a rare theme in Portuguese art
7. St. Paul in Portuguese art
8. Iconography of St. Sebastian
9. Iconography of St. Vincent, deacon and martyr
10. Pantaleon of Nicomedia: biographic and iconographic path
11. Iconography of St. Augustine and Augustinian saints in Portugal
12. The iconography of St. Theutonius
13. Portuguese Iconography of St. Anthony: main variants
14. Iconographic cycles of St. John of God
15. "Biblia pauperum" and "Speculum Humanae Salvationis" in the context of the sources of inspiration of Christian iconography
16. Reading of Paula Rego's paintings in the chapel of the Palace of Belém - Lisbon

Estudos de Iconografia Cristã
Apr 28, 2016em ART.

In Portuguese.

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