Digital Culture

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His Eminence writing a Tweet Sharing the Word

The Department “Digital Culture” exists to prioritise this area so central to the life, identity and interest of the Dicastery.

Among the activities entrusted to the Department is an ongoing reflection on the rapidly evolving culture and the linguistic developments changing and affecting the way we communicate today, with the resulting influences on our very existence.  

At a practical level the Department also contributes to the life of the Dicastery by managing its online presence and stimulating the use of effective communication strategies within the various projects. Obviously this involves ordinary correspondence, managing the database of journalists, preparing and distributing press releases, ensuring a photo-record, email etiquette, social media presence, the newsletter, and of course the printed journal review Cultures and Faith.

Traditionally, the Council for Culture has been charged with "reading the signs of the times." In recent years this has meant coming face to face with the following realities, both as instruments of work and as influences on human culture:

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