The Pontifical Council for Culture traces its origins to the Second Vatican Council and its opening up to that great, dynamic, worried and multiform world of contemporary culture. In its Pastoral...

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Faith and Sports

Sport and Faith at the Service of Humanity is the theme of an upcoming international conference being prepared by the Dicastery. World-famous athletes, religious leaders and civil authorities are due to gather for the event aimed at exploring how the Faith and Sports communities can better serve...

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Cellular Horizons

An International Conference on the Progress of Regenerative Medicine and its Cultural Impact, in The Vatican, April 28 - 30, 2016. This exclusive international event gathers the world’s leading cell...

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The Courtyard of the Gentiles

The Courtyard of the Gentiles is a department of the Pontifical Council for Culture which intends to respond to the desire expressed by the Holy Father on the occasion of the Christmas Greetings to...

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