The Pontifical Council for Culture traces its origins to the Second Vatican Council and its opening up to that great, dynamic, worried and multiform world of contemporary culture. In its Pastoral...

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Marathon for Peace Via Pacis

Rome Half Marathon VIA PACIS - Rome, 17 September 2017 For Peace and Interreligious Dialogue Peace, integration, inclusion, solidarity: these are the guiding principles inspiring the “Rome Half Marathon VIA PACIS.” The first edition takes place on Sunday 17 September, with the start in Piazza San...

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Music and Church

The Holy Father's Talk Music and Church: Cult and Culture 50 years after Musicam Sacram Rome, 2-4 March 2017 Congress Centre “Augustinianum” (via Paolo VI, 25) Objectives The Conference seeks to stimulate a deep reflection in musical, liturgical, theological and phenomenological terms that, leaving aside sterile polemics, can be a positive...

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The Courtyard of the Gentiles

The Courtyard of the Gentiles is a department of the Pontifical Council for Culture which intends to respond to the desire expressed by the Holy Father on the occasion of the Christmas Greetings to...

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