The volume contains the Proceedings of the International Congress "Church and Culture: 50 years after Musicam Sacram", which was held in the Vatican on 3-5 March 2017. It represented an opportunity for cultural reflection on the state of music - including sacred music - in today's world. Eighteen authors, led by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, trace the history of the Church's encounter with the world of music and outline new priorities through dialogue and sharing of experiences. In addition to an appropriate recovery of the Church's musical heritage and the desire for a constructive musical proposal for Christian worship in the diversity of cultures, the volume gives voice to the constant challenges and desires of composers and musicians, conductors and educators, musicologists and theologians working with their different communities. The panorama of musical interests expressed here directs the Church's gaze towards new perspectives in a horizon of great cultural, spiritual and pastoral importance.

Title Musica e Chiesa: culto e cultura a 50 anni dalla Musicam Sacram, Roma, 2-4 marzo 2017
Editors Carlos A. Moreira Azevedo, Richard Rouse
Publisher Aracne editrice, 2017
ISBN 8825504861, 9788825504866
Length 295 pages