Athletica Vaticana

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Athletica Vaticana Athletica Vaticana

Athletica Vaticana has a concrete goal: To be a symbol in the heart of the Vatican and the Catholic Church as a Christian witness using spiritual, supportive, and cultural initiatives to dialogue with the worldwide sporting community. 

Its members are Vatican employees and citizens young and old, lay and clergy, male and female, who seek to build community through passion for sport.

In 2017, the Pontifical Council for Culture gave patronage to Athletica Vaticana, which began as a community of runnners, and since then it has grown into a significant company of individuals from many different nationalities, working or connected to the Holy See. In 2019, Athletica Vaticana received recognition as the first official Vatican sports association.

The association’s love for sport and continued passion for the Gospel has a particular emphasis in inspiring solidarity and love for those disenfranchised.

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