The Popes

The topic that you chose is very close to my heart, and on many previous occasions I have been able to touch on it and call for it to be examined more deeply. It entails studying criteria and new methods in order that women may not feel like guests, but full participants in the various spheres of society and Church life. The Church is woman, she the Church, not he the Church. This challenge can no longer be deferred. I say this to Pastors of Christian communities, here... Read more

To speak about communication and language means not only to touch upon a crucial topic of our world and culture, but, for us believers, means drawing close to this mystery of God. Through his goodness and wisdom, he wanted to reveal himself and to make known to man the mystery of his will (cf. Second Vatican Council, Dogmatic Constitution, Dei Verbum, 2). In Christ God indeed revealed himself to us as Logos, which is communicated to us and challenges us, creating the relationship on which is... Read more

Indeed, I perceive you as qualified witnesses of Catholic culture throughout the world, charged to reflect likewise on the evolutions and expectations of the different cultures in the regions, as in the sectors of activity which are your own. In virtue of the mission which I have entrusted to you, you are called to assist the Holy See, with competence, to understand better the profound and diverse aspirations of the cultures of today and to discern better how the universal Church can respond to... Read more

Papal Texts on Faith and Culture from previous Popes

The panel on the right gives all the main talks, messages, texts and letters of Popes to the Council. If you wish to find other papal texts on culture, you are advised to follow digital natives in searching referencing the various themes of culture that interest you. We are also happy to present here the Italian Anthology of Papal texts on Culture from the times of Leo XIII through to John Paul II. As the original print document numbered 1580 pages, don't forget to use CTRL + F... Read more