Rethinking Anthropology - Toward a new humanism

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Paul Klee "Senecio", Paul Klee

Plenary Assembly

Rethinking Anthropology - Toward a new humanism

November 2021

“And no one without Natural Philosophy can discern the value (and their value is very great) of the ancient maxims and precepts of the Wise Men, such as to ‘obey occasion,’ ‘follow God,’ ‘know thyself,’ and ‘moderation in all things’.

Cicero, De finibus, III.

The aim of the 2021 Plenary is to explore the wealth of humanism, which was created by the fusion of biblical and classical principles. It will be studied under three aspects announced by Cicero in his recollection of ancient wisdom: time (parere tempori), identity (se noscere) and transcendence (Deum sequi), which will be the guiding themes of the reflections of the plenary.

Part One. The classical roots of humanism

A comparison of the anthropological models of Greco-Latin culture and of the Bible, which in their intertwining of dialogue and opposition gave birth to classical humanism, the basis of Western culture.

Part Two. The challenges of humanism today

The themes of time (parere tempori), identity (se noscere) and transcendence (Deum sequi), will be at the heart of three short presentations on the challenges facing contemporary cultures.

The materials for the reflections will be available to all according to the following schedule:

in September

    Working document

from 5 November

    Athens and Jerusalem. The anthropology of the classical and biblical worlds, Dialogue between Prof. Ivano Dionigi and Card. Gianfranco Ravasi

from 12 November

    Reflection on: Parere tempori - Prof. Francesc Torralba

    Reflection on: Se noscere - Prof.ssa Alessandra Talamo

    Reflection on: Deum sequi - Prof. José Casanova

Participation in the workshops and working sessions - which are to take place entirely and only online - is reserved to the 30 Members, 33 Consultors, and other invited Guests of the Dicastery. The Plenary will conclude with a general meeting on 23 November 2021.