Pontifical Roman Academy of Archeology

accademia pontificia archeologia

Historical Note

Founded in 1810 with the title of Accademia Romana di Archeologia, it has its roots in the Accademia delle Romane Antichit√†, instituted in 1740 by Benedict XIV and in the Accademia Romana created by Pomponius Letus in the 16th century. By concession of Pius VIII it received the title of Pontifical in 1829.

The Academy has the task of promoting the study of archeology and the history of ancient and medieval art. It curates particularly the illustration of archeological and artistic monuments belonging to the Holy See. Through conferences, publications, competitions and other study initiatives it promotes the progress of knowledge and the development of culture.

The Academy has as its Protector the Cardinal Secretary of State and has 140 Members, of whom 20 are Honourary, 40 Effective and 80 Correspondent. The President is a part of the Council of Coordination between Pontifical Academies. All Academicians are invited to participate each year in the annual public session of the Pontifical Academies organised by the Pontifical Council for Culture.


Offices: Via della Conciliazione, 5, 00120, Vatican City

Tel. (+39) 06 698.85436

Website: http://www.pont-ara.org