Catholic Cultural Centres

Centri Culturali Cattolici

Catholic Cultural Centers are public forums, meeting places for reflection, study and information, which allow for exchange of ideas and deepening of faith and culture. They offer to Catholics, as to every person interested in a cultural meeting, opportunities for contact and fruitful exchange on the world and history, religion and art, culture and science, and help to discern the values that can illuminate existence and give meaning to life (cf. Ecclesia in Africa, 103).

The Council for Culture, thanks to the support of the Coordination of Catholic Academies of Germany, has placed online its Database of Centres to enable greater communication and collaboration between them.

In their diversity, there are common denominators: Catholic Cultural Centres, in fact, have always, as a main aim, that of relating the Christian faith with the cultures of our time and all the related phenomena, a relationship developed through dialogue, scientific research, the arts, education, promotion of a culture inspired, fertilized, enlivened and made dynamic by faith in Christ.

Catholic Cultural Centers cover a great variety of activities: in names (circles, cultural centers, academies, universities, formation houses, etc.); in areas treated (theological, scientific, educational, artistic, etc.); in themes of work (cultural trends, values, intercultural and interfaith dialogues, science, art, etc.); and in activities (conferences, debates, courses, seminars, publications, libraries, cultural events, exhibitions, etc.). Behind the common name of "Catholic Cultural Center," diverse realities are hidden, characterized by many activities and interests, meeting local needs and demands, with the cultural and social traditions of each centre.