A Courtyard in Buenos Aires and Cordoba

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"Social Responsibility, Borges and Transcendence" was the theme of a Courtyard of the Gentiles in Buenos Aires from 26 to 29 November 2014.

Before becoming Pope Francis, Bergoglio had described him with his accustomed colourful language as "an author before whom we should take off our hats”. Not by chance in 1964 did the young Jesuit teaching literature in the school of the Immacolata di Santa Fé do all in his power to bring him to his classes to teach his students.

It is not easy to summarise the importance for Argentina of Jorge Luis Borges. The writer of “Ficciones” shaped the cultural identity of his country and its population. To explore this writer is to enter into the depth of Argentine identity.

Hence the idea of the Pontifical Council for Culture to cross over the Atlantic again. And bring the Courtyard of the Gentiles to Buenos Aires to try and tell anew one of the aspects that is most debated and fascinating about this agnostic writer: the transcendent dimension of his works. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi partecipated at many events gathered around a central theme: an effort to understand the deep spirituality of one of the most agnostic of Argentinian writers.

The initiative was carried through together with the Foro Ecuménico Social, which has for decades engaged in intercultural and interreligious dialogue and the Fondazione Borges.

You can see more about the courtyard via www.atriodelosgentiles.com.ar

The programme

Miércoles 26              

Buenos Aires – Teatro Colón – 11.30 hrs.

Diploma Ciudadano Ilustre

Buenos Aires – Facultad de Derecho UBA – 19:00 hrs.

Mesa de diálogo: Borges y la Trascendencia (text in Spanish - in Italian)


Jueves 27                   

Buenos Aires – Rectorado UCA – 11:00 hrs.

Encuentro con el Congreso judío latinoamericano

Buenos Aires – Auditorio S. Agustín UCA – 12:00 hrs.

Doctorado Honoris Causa

Conferencia: Fe, cultura y sociedad (Text in Spanish - in Italian)

Buenos Aires – Muestra de Arte UCA– 13:30 hrs.

Invitación almuerzo Mons. Victor Manuel Fernández

Buenos Aires – Facultad de economía UBA – 19:00 hrs.

Mesa de diálogo: Responsabilidad social y ciudadana


Viernes 28                 

Córdoba – Residencia Mayor Jesuitas – 13:30 hrs.

Córdoba – Aula Magna UCC – 17:00 hrs.

Doctorado Honoris Causa

Conferencia: El arte y la Fe (Text in Spanish - in Italian)

Córdoba – UCC – 19:30 hrs.

Mesa de diálogo: Borges y la Trascendencia


Sábado 29

San Marcos Sierras, Córdoba – 10:00-13:00 hrs.

Mesa de diálogo: La Espiritualidad de nuestras comunidades