Church, Music, Interpreters

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III International Conference

Church, Music, Interpreters: a necessary dialogue

Old Synod Hall - Vatican

7-8-9 November 2019


  • The vocation of the musical interpreter
  • The instruments in the composition of sacred music
  • Compositional styles
  • From graphic sign to improvisation
  • Vocal techniques
  • A look at interculturality


Card. Ravasi and Chiara Bertoglio, Hermeneutics and Interpretation

Massimo Donà, The Relationship between Music and the Sacred

James O'Donnell, The Organ as Interpreter

Daniel Matrone & Theodor Flury, Organ Improvisation

Jordi-A. Piqué, Flatus vocis: the sound of the voice as music in the liturgy

Pawel Lukaszewski, The Language of the Composer

Salvatore Sciarrino, The Use of the Voice

Giovanni Acciai, The Word-Sound Relation in Sacred Vocal Music from the Renaissance to the Baroque

Giuseppe Gullo, Vox Humana: physiological, historical and technical aspects of vocality from the Baroque to the 21st century

Dinko Fabris & Antonio Florio, Interpreting Sacred Music of the Past Today

Richard Mailaender, Choral Music and the Experience of Contemporary Oratories

Pino Di Luccio, S.I., The Mediterranean area - Songs, Music and Dance in the Texts of Monotheistic Religions in the Mediterranean Area

Egberto Bermudez, The South American area - inculturation

The program includes Workshops - Vespers in the Sistine Chapel - Audience with the Holy Father (requested)

Simultaneous translation English / Italian - Italian / English

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