Church and Music: Texts and Contexts

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IV International Conference

Church and Music: Texts and Contexts

4-5 February 2021




(PDF File with short CVs)

  • Card. Ravasi, “The Reverse of a Tapestry”: text and translation  
  • Jordì-A. Piqué Collado, Sung Word, Spoken Word: liturgical forms
  • João J. Vila-Chã, Between Saying and Doing: reflections on the nature of language and music     
  • Giuseppina Crescenzo, When the Text becomes Musical Context: cantatas and sacred dramas as reflections of the Catholic reform
  • Saba Anglana, African Experiences of Spirituality: music and dance
  • Pierangelo Muroni, Non-Verbal Language in the Liturgy
  • Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Treating Meaning and Context
  • Jen-Yen Chen, Colors and Scents
  • Enda Murphy, From Latin to Local
  • Andrea Coen & Maria Antonietta Cancellaro, Poetic Inspiration and Music
  • Martha Nussbaum, Music and Understanding our Embodiment

*Video-Message from the Holy Father [Link]

Simultaneous translation English / Italian - Italian / English.

The Acts are now available [details].