The Common Good in the Digital Age

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Your Holiness,

Cardinal Turkson wishes to join his voice to mine in expressing the thoughts of our two Dicasteries. Now, we know that the complexity of ongoing scientific research, in particular, in the field of digital culture, has unveiled wide-ranging consequences in the ethical and social spheres. Precisely for this reason, the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the Pontifical Council of Culture have decided to join their forces in this meeting which has seen the participation of many experts and specialists interested in the theme.

The horizon being still open and changing, our efforts have been to elaborate rigorously and concretely interpretations and orientations rather than definitive, factual answers, and to promote above all the asking of questions and attention to core values. Indeed, as the philosopher Paul Ricoeur said: “We live in a time when the bulimia of means corresponds to an atrophy of ends.”

The issues we have aired in the dialogues of our Meeting bring us to reflect on many moral and socio-cultural dilemmas: from digital systems to the field of autonomous weapons, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, from processes of robotization to a hypothetically transhumanist vision of the future. Our guiding star has been the central value of the common good and the protection of the dignity of the human person.

This is only the first step of a journey we hope will continue to progress thanks to an active and friendly collaboration between the Dicasteries of the Holy See and under the guidance of Your word and with the comfort of Your blessing.

[The Pope's Address]