100 meters Race in Faith

Sport open to the absolute

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From the film "100 metri dal Paradiso" Publicity for the film "100 metri dal Paradiso"

On Sunday 20 October 2013, a Festive day with sport in St Peter's Square to recover the educational, cultural and spiritual values of sport

Aim of the event

“Sport needs healing from its degenerations, so that it becomes again a meaningful cultural phenomenon and reference point for the youth, making the most of the creative spirit of the human person” says Cardinal Ravasi.

So on Sunday 20 October 2013, there will be a Festive day with sport in St Peter's Square, a highly symbolic event to show how sporting experience can become a reading and a response, human and of faith, leading to those deep questions which the new generations are asking about the meaning of life, its direction and aim (cf. John Paul II, To the Italian world of sports, 26 - 6 - 2004).

The event includes

A Race in which around 5000 people, beginning at 8.30am will be able to run the length of a 100m track, beginning in via della Conciliazione and arriving in St Peter's Square.

Prayer of the Angelus at noon with the Holy Father.

Witness from a variety of personalities from the world of sport.

The flyerFlyer

A prayer for sports

May our praise rise to you, O Father,

who in your providence, 

guide our efforts and energies

to an end that is full of grace and goodness.

Support us in our body and spirit

And teach us to use our free time wisely.

Hear, O Lord,

our trust-filled prayer,

enhance the vigour of our being,

and give us serenity of soul.

May all who are involved in sports

experience in faithfulness

the value of friendship

and overcoming every form of violence

promote the culture of love.

Through Christ our Lord



The Idea

The Year of Faith is a great opportunity to open new roads to conversion. Even in the world of sport we must create a model of life that knows and safeguards the dignity of the human person. If we place the person at the centre, a culture of sport will be built on the primacy of the human person, leading to a sport at the service of the human and not the human at the service of the sport. Sport becomes a cultural value when it reveals our humanity and help us grow ever closer in understanding the religious value of life. This means that an experience of sport can help the athlete see the meaning of life and be a space for transcendence.

The Event

In St. Peter's Square on the morning of Sunday the 20th of October, up until the Angelus with the Holy Father, young people from the parishes and schools of Rome will alternate in running a hundred meters for faith on a specially made running track. Personalities and testimonies from the world of sport, from theatre, television, the world of music, journalism, media, as well as from various religions and cultures, all in the same place join as one as protagonists of faith. At the end of the track, in the arrival zone, a stand will be built where Lorena Bianchetti will interview participants and illustrious guests for their testimonies. The event will be transmitted live from 11am on CTV and made available to television channels worldwide.